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BikeZebo Timber


An elegant and secure shelter for your bikes. The Timber BikeZebo is made from sustainably sourced Larch and heavy gauge galvanized steel tubing.

The two-bike version will fit into a space as small as 1040mm (from the bay window to the front wall).

– If your space is less than this, the single-legged steel BikeZebo will fit into a 925mm gap (and still allow a wheelie bin through to the back!)


Please note that currently the timber shelters are on an 8 week lead time.

Download the sizing drawing to decide which width & orientation you need.

All items are made to order – please contact us for special requirements – different roof colours, powder coated steel stands etc.

Note: for 3-bike shelters – ‘left hand side’ means the shelter is on the left as you look at the house from the road